Kaladin Stormblessed

Human Paladin of Bahmut


Char Point Total 20

15 on ability points
2 on Flexible (2 RP)
3 on Outsider (native) (3 RP) Angel-Blooded (Angelkin)

A native outsider is at least partially composed of the essence (but not necessarily the matter) of some plane other than the Material Plane. Some creatures start out as some other type and become outsiders when they attain a higher (or lower) state of spiritual existence. When making a native outsider race, it is sometimes important to pick a single Outer Planes that race is tied to. For example, tieflings are tied to Abaddon, the Abyss, or Hell. Such ties can be important for qualifying for other racial abilities, but it’s not required that a native outsider be tied to another plane. A native outsider race has the followings features.

Native outsiders have the darkvision 60 feet racial trait.
Native outsiders breathe, eat, and sleep.


Kaladin Stormblessed

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