Character Ability Renascence

Points will be given in the games notes after each session.

Earning points

  • 1 point for showing up to the game
  • 1 point for showing up on time and ready to play (character sheet update, new attacks ready, ect.)
  • up to 5 points for char back story
  • other points will be awarded as I see fit for helping with the campaign, good role play, tactics, ect.

Spending points

  • 4 points for a feat
  • 4 points for caster level increase up to your max HD (like spell focus)
  • 6, 9, 12, 15 points for (Max 4): A PC gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in an spellcasting class he belonged to before taking this feat. He does not, however, gain other benefits a character of that class would have gained, except for additional spells per day, spells known, and an increased effective level of spellcasting. If a character had more than one spellcasting class before taking this ability, he must decide to which class he adds the new level for purposes of determining spells per day.
  • 1 point for a class skill rank
  • 3 points to by a skill to be a class skill
  • ask for 1 CAR to 1 RP (No limit must ask)
  • 1 point to add +1 inherent bonus to you appearance
  • 1 points to add +1 to your minimum hit point rolls
  • 2 points to make you min hit point rolls retro active
  • 6 points to add
  • 1 point to buy Hero Point if have the above ability


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