Weltraum Klippe

And they they left...


Party level 7

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 20
Targaryen Doombringer – Total :20
Daeth Shadowhunter – Total 11
Jean Paul Van Damme – Total 0
Rafael Osaka – Total 17
Aladdin SpellSword – Total 0

Just let me out of here
All I want to do is buy stuff edition


Party level 6 <- if you want a prestige class you must find a trainer! This is for you Todd, I got my eyes on you.

Everyone starts with 35 point by and flex stats (+2 to any 2) regardless of race (overrides does not stack with rave original)

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 15
Targaryen Doombringer – Total :15
Daeth Shadowhunter – Total 8
Jean Paul Van Damme – Total 0
Rafael Osaka – Total 12
Aladdin SpellSword – Total 0

The party gets mobbed again
All praise the earth

The party got attacked in the morning / night? No one really knows cause they are in a cave far underground. Kaladin Stormblessed tried to use his paladin powers to save himself. But he found he had lost them, and as a result died. Some earth elementals’ showed up to show their gratitude gave the party some phat loot. Then peaced out. The magus almost got one shot by a triple 20 to the face. Luckily Rafael Osaka was their to save the day. After this grueling battle that party decided to take a rest and try to get out this shit whole the very next day.

The very next day… The party is woken up in the early morning? by a huge crash that sounds like it came from the entrance tunnel.


Party level 5

Everyone starts with 35 point by and flex stats (+2 to any 2) regardless of race (overrides does not stack with rave original)

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 12
Targaryen Doombringer – Total :12
Daeth Shadowhunter – Total 5
Jean Paul Van Damme – Total 0
Rafael Osaka – Total 12
Aladdin SpellSword – Total 0

The party goes evil
Or how the paladin lost his powers

While having good intentions murdering a bunch of innocent people defiantly evil and the paladin looses his powers the next day.

After that the party cleared a corrupting temple, that was enslaving the earth. Then fought some gross sticky zombies and totally kicked their asses. After that is was some goblin dogs and some spiders. The party was going to investigate some statutes in the spider room be decided they had enouph for one day.


Party level 4

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 23
Targaryen Doombringer – Total :23
Daeth Shadowhunter – Total 19
Jean Paul Van Damme – Total 8
Rafael Osaka — Total 21
Aladdin SpellSword – Total 6

The party get mobbed...
by so many dudes

The good

Curse Less valiantly charged into its first underground adventure. And literally ran into some oozes, and dispatched with only a few people getting swallowed whole and knocked unconscious. The party the heard some goblins coming into their area and tried to ambush them, only to be spotted a head of time. The party charged into the room, only to find way more hobgoblins than they were expecting. Targaryen Doombringer turned the battle by a well placed obscuring mist. As the fight drew on, reinforcements from an adjoining room entered the fray. The party quickly retreated back the way they came, to try and bottleneck the hobgoblins. This was fairly successful, lured into a false sense of security after downing Daeth Shadowhunter, the hobgoblins ran into the room to try and outnumber the party. Eventually through some epic luck, or maybe normal luck. The eventually killed all the combatants.

The party saves an elf and gnome from being eaten though they remain unconscious.

The bad

After Daeth Shadowhunter, dragged down the rope back to the surface. The refugees took this as a sign to cover the whole to the surface with some mega heavy rocks… Breaking through might take a few days.

The aftermath (Don’t read this unless you have IRL CON of 14 or higher)

While many of the hobgoblin women fought with their male counterparts. Upon entering the living areas the party finds 2 hobgoblin’s with child. 4 non militarily trained women of ages 16 – 22. 8 Young adults from ages 6 – 15. And 4 5 children under the age of 5. Upon entering the village Kaladin Stormblessed walks towards the the fire pit in the corner of town with a shocked look on his face. As he walks towards the fire 3 of the hobgoblin women charge him, and Kaladin kills them with out looking away from what he sees.

Near the fire there is an elf woman, stripped naked. With bruising and scares to make it look like her torment had been going on for a long time. There is also a half orc male, gutted and obviously being used as a meet source. Hanging by his hair, a male gnome with similar cuts and bruises to the elf is also there. There are many other body parts lying around the camp. Kaladin runs up to check on the elf and gnome. Finding both alive he feeds them both a potion of cure light wounds, that stabilizes the but they remain unconscious. Kaladin, get them set up in a stretcher with the help of the party so they can be moved at a later date. He then preforms a minor ritual and burns all the other body parts and remains.

Kaladin had the fighter tie up all the remaining hobgoblins. Without even asking he slays the oldest young adults and the remaining hobgoblin woman. There remains 2 hobgoblin women with child, 3 6-10 year old’s, and 4 children under 5. Kaladin is unsure what to do with the remaining hobgoblins and is pacing back and forth behind the older children.


Party level 4

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 20
Targaryen Doombringer 2 + 1 loot + 1 Tactics :20
Daeth Shadowhunter 1 + 5 for back-story + 1 roll play : Total 16
Jean Paul Van Damme 0 : Total 5
Rafael Osaka 2 + 2 (roll play for this session and previous ones ninja cures lolz) : Total 18
Aladdin SpellSword 0 : Total 3

Janet Swordhand
Death of a Monk and a Rescue of a Prisoner (Part B)

At the conclusion of the battle some of the less injured, fresh captives came to aid the party. One of them upon seeing seeing Ares Swordhand body burst into a combination of tears and anger swearing an oath of vengeance against the masterminds behind this organization. She then introduced herself as Janet Swordhand but most people call me Daeth Shadowhunter. She ripped off the nearest set of full plate got geared up and ready to start avenging.

Daeth Shadowhunter, Ares Swordhand, and Kaladin Stormblessed set off to secure the premises and round up the fleeing captives.

Curse Less fought three main battles. First a minor scrape against an undead construct and some worms that were packing some serious DR. The construct nauseated the party with it’s putrid smell. But even after Janet was knocked down the party won.

Janet was taking some practice shots into the woods and skillfully? shot an orc that was sneaking up on the party instead of the tree she was aiming for. Many blows were exchanged orcs killed some with some weird mutations.

The party then walked into some sort of summoning circle buffed up and went to take them out. The hacked many undead and a single large size bugbear to death. They are thinking there must be a powerful necromancer around to control all these undead.


Party level 3

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 16
Targaryen Doombringer 3 :16
Daeth Shadowhunter 3 : Total 9
Jean Paul Van Damme 3 : Total 5
Rafael Osaka 3 : Total 14
Aladdin SpellSword 3 : Total 3

Death of a Monk and a Rescue of a Prisoner

Curse Less got healed up and re-outfitted in Frühling Feld. While trying to investigate the documents they found a like minded adventure Content Not Found: aladdin. Who happened to know both Goblin and Orc a great boon to the party. He translated the messages into common but they were all gibberish. The only phrase that even remotely sounded like a sentence was the trees are blue in the east. Though he figured it was just a coincidence.

Curse Less set out again to find the root cause of the increased monster traffic in the areas around town. As the party set down the path, they ran into Floyd & Loide along with 235 other people fleeing the orc work camps. Curse Less disarmed the group for their own safety? And sold the weapons it town for a nice profit. Kaladin Stormblessed did not agree with this action, and donated his share to the refugees to help get them restarted. Curse Less asked Wolfhard Katzmann to proctor the safety and well being of the the refugees.

Knowledge Local DC 10 (The party would probably not know all of this)
Cities of this size always have plans for situations like this. As it happens once or twice a year. People often get captured while trying to make a living, and while nearly everyone is armed everyone has a mandatory two years of military service, there is only so much you can do against a races who are stronger than you in many ways. Every town has a crisis team on standby that can handle around 10% of its population in refugees, more than that will still be accommodated but they will often be escorted to larger population centers. Many religious organizations come in long term to help the people integrate back into “normal” lives. They are aided by low level folk magic that aid with processing the torcher, rape, and loss they faced while being captives. There are often many children of a variety of sub races, along with these captives. These children are cared for and raised by the churches that help in these situations. They often become aid workers themselves, so much of these churches are primarily for 1/2 breads and no human humanoids.

After this encounter the party set back off down the trail where they encountered a large fresh cut clearing. It appeared as the orcs were setting up a base camp. Upon getting closer the clearing Rafael Osaka, saw a huge size roach swarm. He snuck back to the party and took Targaryen Doombringer to get the jump on the roaches. Targ had other plans and face planted while sneaking up on the roaches. They quickly crawled all over the party dealing some pretty legit damage. The party with some well placed burning hands, quickly dispatched the roach swarm and their overgrown brethren. Upon getting further into the clearing the party noticed another group of roaches with large fungal growths on their foreheads. The lept upon the party racking them with much damage but the party quickly dispatched their enemies.

Already fairly beaten and worn out by the days happening the party entered a clearing to make camp. They were attached by some mother trucking twigs. That shot many needles at them dealing much damage. The twigs started their attack by entangling the party. They successfully took down Aladin and Rafael but by that time they had taken so much damage the paladin and mage took em down.

The very next day the party who amazingly did not fight a random encounter over the night “charged” and by charge I mean attempted to sneak and Aladin fell over a twig while sneaking with Rafael. Through some clever tactics, good use of difficult terrain, and death of monk the party was able to escape certain death.


Party level: 2

Char Points for being on time / ready

  • Kaladin Stormblessed 2 : Total 11
  • Targaryen Doombringer 3 (Bonus point for managing loot) Total :13
  • Ares Swordhand 2 : Total 8 Dead
  • Daeth Shadowhunter: 0 + 2(IRL birthday) + 4 for past attendance Total : 6
  • Jean Paul Van Damme 0 (did not attend) : Total 1
  • Rafael Osaka 2 : Total 11
  • Aladdin SpellSword : 0

Updating my ruling on attacks of opportunity see: Attacks of Opportunity

The pummeled monk

The party decided to keep investigating the area after speaking with Brombeerstrauch Feuer Wolf. Brombeerstrauch informed the still nameless party that south east of Frühling Feld there has been a large uptick in monster attacks. Including monsters that usually don’t work together. The forces seem to be composed of mostly orcs, goblins, and gremlins. There have also been reports of flying creatures, though the information on these have been varied. The city’s mayor successfully petitioned Harry Schmied the regional Knight of Ritter des Platzes Amboss. To grant funds, to hire mercenaries to handle the monster problem. A boon of 20,000 gp as been allotted.

The party set off, by following the trail leading away from the mostly ruined mill. While following the trail the party was attacked, ambushed and furthermore bushwhacked. They overcame these minor obstacles and made it to a fork in the road. The party followed the trail and eventually face off against a large war party of orcs and goblins. Narrowly escaping with their lives, Kaladin Stormblessed just wanted to go home. However Ares Swordhand and Rafael Osaka had a different idea. They carried on and the remaining forces left at the camp started running after them. Ares Swordhand decided to charge back in before meeting up with the party to get buffed. He fought valiantly but non the less was overwhelmed by the elite Orog. The party eventually slayed the camp leader and his minions.

The group decided to loot the bodies, and the camp with the pack animals JP was escorting behind the party. While looting the camp they discovered a lot of books and writings, though it all written in a language no one in the party understands.


Char Points for being on time / ready

  • Kaladin Stormblessed 2 — Total 9
  • Targaryen Doombringer 3 (Bonus point for managing loot) Total —10
  • Ares Swordhand 2 — Total 8
  • Jean Paul Van Damme 0 (did not attend) — Total 1
  • Rafael Osaka 2 — Total 9
The curse of the Jinkin
Or how the party overcame the damage resistance

Targaryen Doombringer, Ares Swordhand, Jean Paul Van Damme, Rafael Osaka, and Kaladin Stormblessed an where all lead to the Temple of Sarenrae in Frühling Feld for different reasons in addition to their primary goal of making the gold shine. They all approached a kindly look man pacing the steps of his church, he introduced himself as Wolfhard Katzmann.

Kaladin Stormblessed’s reason:

A band of goblin were chasing me through a field and out of the sky a dragon descended who quickly slew and ate all the goblins. I bowed and asked if there was anything I could do to repay him. His reply was worship Bahamut! Slay the forces of evil.

Targaryen Doombringer’s reason:

In his hunt for vengeance against those who were responsible for his grandfather Vergoldet’s death, he heard of news that there was a possibility of one of the people on his list of being in Frühling Feld. This person was one of the knights who had been in the throne room and put his sword into his grandfather’s corpse. Upon reaching Frühling Feld, he realized that he was pretty much broke and would need some gold in order to further fund his endevors. The talk around town was that Wolfhard Katzmann was the person to see.

Ares Swordhand’s reason:

Jean Paul Van Damme’s reason:

Rafael Osaka’s reason:

With no reason to stay with his family, Rafael has taken to wandering the world.

Wolfhard let they yet to be formed party that, evil had started plaguing the town curing so far 4 individuals each with their own affliction. He described in detail a cure that reduced strength, constitution and dexterity. He also stated that his very church had been ransacked and it was not longer safe so he had to shut down the church for the time being. Seeing the 5 adventures before him he knew that despite their differences if they worked together they would be able to lift the cure and find the cause of the curse.

The still nameless party entered the church only finding 3 gremlins really messing up the place, metal candlesticks fused to the floor. Luckily while trying to destroy items in the church the Nuglub gremlins had already used their spell like abilities. The party was still getting used to working together almost going out of their way to ensure Rafael could not get a flanking bonus for his sneak attack. After some great fumbles and mishaps Targaryen wised up and yelled for the Wolfhard help. Wolfhard even though not dressed for combat dressed only in simple robes ran into the church to aid the party. Luckily being of the healing domain he had plenty of cure light wounds to go around. Eventually overcoming the Nuglubs’ damage resistance the party was able to slay the powerful foes.

After the battle with their daily resources pretty much spent, Wolfhard offered the party a place to sleep for the night which the party gratefully accepted. Wolfhard spent much of the evening cooking a good meal for the party in addition to tending to their wounds. He also gave the party 500 gold for killing the gremlins attacking the church. Through Wolfhard hard work the party was able to wake up the next day fully healed and ready for battle.

Battle came, at the abandoned windmill on the outskirts of town. The party charged the door alerting the gremlins inside of their advance. As Ares busted in the door and attacked the closest enemy the Dexgit gremlins took their readied actions and attacked him first. Landing a solid blow. The party proceeded to dispatch the three Dexgits and single Nuglub gremlin. Though once again due to some party communication issues and some bad rolling about 1/2 the party was in the negatives at one point or another. Luckily Jean is a bad ass healer and stabilized the party they limped back to town where Wolfhard once again tended to their wounds. After scouting the area the party found a well travailed path leading into the wilderness from the mill.

The next day the party set out and purchased some scrolls of cure curse to cash in on curing the cured towns folk. While poking fun of individuals and generally making an ass out of themselves, and slightly freeing at the sight of women (even the ugly nurse) they did manage to cure all four victims earn a few extra gold and spread some fame around town. Seeing the party was nameless still the individuals are now local heroes. After curing the cursed; Targaryen and Ares noticed a pattern in the locations they had been. It was creating a ring round the city and the party guessed very accurately the next location the victims would be.

The party broke into the house during the middle of the day and decided to hid in the attic near the location they new the curse would be stashed. Ares hid in the ceiling a choice he would later regret. The Jinkin gremlins dimension door through the roof this lead to a situation where everyone was surprised. The gremlins showing up underneath Ares noticed him immediately and started attacking him. Through the use of some well placed burning hands and some great sneak attacks the party easily fell these foes. Thus solving the case of the cursing gremlins.

The party looted the bodies and turned them in for their 2000 gold reward. Gaining some additional fame. The the Sarenrae church threw one heavenly of a party. That lasted all night, and there was much rejoicing.

The party took a week to gather new weapons and other gear before……


Jean Paul Van Damme - character sheet was terrible only had 14 stat points spent, all of his attacks where wrong and don’t even get me started on skills. Anyways that’s all fixed up and should be much more playable this week. (Your welcome)

All the members of the party are now recognized in town generally. This helped greatly getting weapons, armor, wand, ect. located and procured even though it still took a while.

Char Points for being on time / ready

Char Points for back story


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