Rafael Osaka


Rafael “Osaka” Di Francescantonio is the fourth son born into a wealthy merchant family. Hailing from the most Italian part of the game world, the Di Francescantonio Family made its fortunes in the exports and imports of pastas.

Being the youngest son, Rafael should have been in no danger to inherit the family business but his older brothers all ran off to become artists and marry floozies by the time he was 5. After his youngest-older brother wandered away more-or-less permanently, the Di Francescantonio patriarch Di Di Francescantonio the third; began Rafael’s training as a merchant.

Foisted onto a merchant ship, Rafael spent the next two years traveling with his father on various business trips. Then one day when everything was going great, a storm hit and the fucking ship sank. The Di Flamingo now rests at the bottom of the ocean with all of its many riches intact?

But FATE had even more stupid bullshit in store for Rafael and thus was the child found, washed up on the shores of the most Japanese-y part of the game world. A lot of shit happens, some of it good, most of it tragic, but after awhile Rafael ends up sold to the Osaka Ninja Clan. The person who purchased Rafael was the clan leader, Mori Osaka. Mori had made a bet with the other ninja masters of the world than any asshole can become a ninja. He was quoted saying, “Yeah, sure. Any ol’ douche bag can become a ninja. It’s all about the proper work outs and chakra stretches. Hell, I bet I can teach this filthy urchin [Rafael] to be a ninja. Fuckin’ watch me, it’ll be great.”

For the next ten years, Rafael was trained in the ninja arts. It sucked. Also, after ten years, Rafael figured out he could just sail home on another boat. The training proved effective, Rafael showed himself to be a proficient killer. Eventually, through years of missions, training and bonding with his fellow ninjas, he earned his freedom and become a hero of the Osaka Ninja Clan… LOL/JK

He did no such thing. Rafael ran out on those fuckers as soon as could afford passage on a ship. The Osaka Ninjas made their mistake by paying him for his work. Before leaving, Rafael also stole four forbidden ninja scrolls so he may continue his ninja training. The Osaka Ninja Clan may or may not do something about that. Rafael managed to make it home to his family. During his time away, his youngest-older Di Di Francescantonio the lesser came home to run the family business and his mother re-married, now he’s got two younger sisters.

With no reason to stay with his family, Rafael has taken to wandering the world. And some how ended up in the shit ass town of Frühling Feld!

Rafael Osaka

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