Ares Swordhand

Human Monk. Cousin to Targ, Brother to Daeth, Grandson to Vergoldet. Deceased.


Knocked unconscious by a large orc and then bled to death. Given a grave marker and proper funeral for the Vergoldet bloodline. Set aflame in his grave.


One day Targ heard of the reward in a small town for the cause of cursed tools. He decided he wanted to go and i tagged along with him.


When I turned 4 at my birthday party three tall cloaked men visited my family. They said to my father Frank Swordhand, “we are here for our payment". My mother Lesa Swordhand, with a surprised look turned to him and said “what do u mean.” He pulled down his hood and said “we are here for the kid.” My father walked up to them “Fine take him but let me do something first.”

“What do you want?”
“He needs to get a tattoo”
“Fine let’s go”

He picked me up and my mother got in his way. In one swift motion he threw her out of the way with one hand. He turned to my father “let’s go.” We walked out the door. We went to the tattoo artist and got me tattooed (picture on left). Then my father kisses me and said his goodbyes to me and left. They took me to the temple and I never saw my family again. Every day I would practice various martial arts for at least 12 hours a day. Then one day when I was 25 I was practicing I saw my masters carrying a little kid. I walked over to them and said “what are u doing with him?” they replied

“It’s our new student”
“Did u take them from his parents?”
“Yes we did”
“That’s against the law”
“Do we care?”

I stood there shocked. They always taught me to follow the rules so I knew what I had to do. I grabbed the kid and I set him down behind me and I told him to go play in the grass. Then I turned to my masters and got ready to fight. I told them that if they wanted to train this child they would have to kill me first. They laughed and got ready to fight. One of them threw a kick at me. I blocked it and I turned to a fist flying at my face. I stepped to the side and he lost his balance so I hit him square in the spine with my elbow. He fell and I kicked his head and knocked him out. Right as I turned around I got hit in the face by one of their feet. I fell back as one of them put their foot on my shoulder. While I was down they put their foot on my shoulders and I heard them laugh and say to me “Ha u thought u could beat us.” I realized I couldn’t move my arms so I lifted my lower body up and I got my feet on both of their necks and I pulled them down and as they were falling I used their momentum to stand me up and I kicked both of their heads and knocked them out. I laughed and said, “Never underestimate ur enemy. I tied them up then I went over to the kid and said “ready to go home"
“Ok let’s go”

I tied up my masters and I threw them into the back of the cart and me and the kid walked back to town. I dropped the cart off at the capital and they offered me a reward for my masters turned out they were kidnappers. I turned down the offer and I returned the kid to his parents. They thanked me and I left. After that I didn’t know what to do with my life so I started traveling from town to town. I protected the weak, cared for the elderly and stopped fights. Then one day I was in town and I saw a fight going on so I walked over and saw they were making a ruckus. I grabbed their arms and flipped them over themselves. I looked at one of the fighter’s shoulders and saw that he had the same tattoo as me and I asked him about it. He said he was Targaryen Doombringer and he said that only his relatives were allowed to get this tattoo and I smiled because for the first time in 21 years because I finally found someone that was related to me. So I told him I had the same one and we started traveling together he told me the story of our grandpa who was a dragon. That made me realize why I had a tattoo of a dragon. One day he heard of the reward in a small town for the cause of cursed tools. He decided he wanted to go and I tagged along with him.

Ares Swordhand

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