Daeth Shadowhunter

Human Fighter. Ares' Sister, Cousin to Targ, Granddaughter of Vergoldet


Beauty Score: 9
Character Point Total: 16

2 for Flexible: Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to any two ability scores
4 for base ability scores upon Character creation
7 for Con from 16 to 18
2 for Dex from 13 to 14


Daeth Shadowhunter, born Janet Swordhand, grew up with her family in a small village. Her parents, Frank and Lesa Swordhand were farmers, and because they were farmers, they had a lot of children. She was the oldest, Frank and Lesa’s first born, and like with most firstborn children, it was a brand new adventure for the Swordhands. And with new adventures, sometimes accidents happen. And unfortunately for Daeth, these accidents happened a lot. Trips and falls and drops and bumps… so many blows to the head. Her parents got better as her brothers and sisters came along, but poor Janet took a good brunt of the beating.

She has 15 brothers and sisters, mostly due to the fact that twins run in her Fathers side. Daeth doesn’t really remember a time when her mother wasn’t pregnant. It would be 16, but her father was a gambler, and unfortunately he wasn’t very good at it. After each harvest he would go into town and loose all of his earnings. Lesa would get into huge fights with Frank over all the gambling. They would yell and scream at eachother about it. There was even one time where they were throwing things at one another and Janet ended up getting hit in the head by a plate. The final straw was when he bit off way more than he could chew. He was already in debt to the mafia and lost more than he bargained for. The only way out of it was for him to give up one of his kids. He tried to give up Janet, but as soon as the monks realized that she had a hard time counting to five as a 12 year old, they threatened Frank to give them a more intelligent child. They took Ares instead.

In the process her mother was thrown into a wall by one of the monks that took Ares away. She realized there was nothing that she could do to save Ares from his fate, but she knew she had to do something in order to save her other kids. While Frank was off getting Ares a tattoo before the monks took him away, Lesa got Janet and her other brothers and sisters, packed as much as they could carry and left. She didn’t have many places that she felt safe, so she went off to her mother and father’s bookstore.

While they had a hard time cramming everyone into the apartment above the bookstore, Janet really enjoyed living with her grandparents, aunt and uncle, and her cousins. Even though she had a hard time reading the books and understanding the words, her cousin Targ would always read whatever book she brought him, from “Astrophysics of the Abysal Pane” to “Bakers Secrets: Cakes and other fine deserts”. Daeth and Targ would often play together too. She was much better at most of the physical games that they would play, like kick the ball or when they would fight with sticks and pretend they were swords, but even then she would have a hard time with tactics and strategy. She would often charge forward with no regard for her own safety, relying on her strength and ability to shrug off bruises. Targ read her a story one day of a famous adventurer who through his arogance charged into a nest of dragons and ended up getting everyone in his company killed. This Paladin’s name was Leroy Jenkins. From that day on, Targ called Janet Leroy.

They stayed a few months until Lesa had secured enough money and a place for her and all her children in a larger city. Janet was sad to leave her family, but was happy to get away from all of the books. The new city was bigger than any place she had ever been. She mostly stayed on the farm or in and around the bookstore. But this city had a big castle with large walls and many knights and people walking around with swords and armor. She had never seen so much armor and weaponry. And Janet loved it. She would often wander through the many busy streets hoping to see a new set of armor or a finely crafted weapon, and almost every time end up getting lost and in trouble with her mother. One of these occasions was a special one for Janet, one that would change her life forever.

Janet had found a couple of people who were nice enough to show her their swords. She really liked the look of them and was even able to hold them and get a couple of practice swings on a crate. The two men laughed and thought she was quite good for her age. She said thank you, handed the two armored men back their swords and skipped away. She ended up skipping to a part of town that she didn’t recognize, and began looking for someone to ask directions and help her get back home. She came across a man who was sitting outside of a bar. He smelled terrible and looked like he had an upset tummy, because there was puke next to him and in his beard. Janet asked the man if he was okay.

“No” the man responded. “The shadows…. they are after me!”
“The shadows???” Janet asked.
“Yes! The shadows. They are everywhere, and they are going to get me. You! You little one. You have been foretold to hunt the shadows! To go after them! To attack and kill the shadows that will destroy the world! You must become the enemy of the shadows! You must be the Daeth of shadows! Daeth Shadowhunter!!!” he said and then threw up some more.
Janet didn’t know what to say. She never did trust shadows. And this man seemed like he was really concerned about the shadows. She decided that since this man was so wise about the shadows that she should believe him. “Okay. I will! I will fight the shadows! I won’t let them win! I will do everything I can to live up to my prophecy! I will become Daeth Shadowhunter!”
“Good young one! Now go! and fight the shadows! Go now Daeth!” the man said wipping the puke from his mouth.

Janet skipped off back the way she came and eventually met up with the two men with the swords. She asked if they could help her find her way back to her house. The two nice men got her back home safely. When Lesa thanked the two men for getting Janet home safely, they mentioned how impressed they were with janets ability with a sword, and that if it was alright with her, that she would be able to come and train and eventually work with them in the town guard. Janet was ecstatic and begged for her mother to let her go. Lesa, was hesitant, but decided that it would be okay if she went. The men asked for her name, and before her mother could say anything she blurted out “Daeth! Daeth Shadowhunter!”

She really enjoyed working with the guard service. She learned a ton of new fighting techniques and ways to swing the sword, even though it took her a long time to remember them and learn them. She even fought in a few competitions, easily out matching all her opponents in strength. She was always the first into a room when they were doing raids for the guard services, screaming and intimidating all those that she could come across. But she was also usually the first one knocked unconscious. “Did we get them” became a common phrase that she would say after the raid was concluded and she would wake up.

Her accomplishments were noticed by the military, and she was offered a position in a special task force to hunt down and kill monsters that would attack smaller outlying villages. She graciously accepted the offer. Her mother, brothers and sisters couldn’t have been more proud of her. She was excited to see more of the world, to be able to bash more skulls in, and most importantly, to be able to hunt down and kill more shadows, as that man had prophesied her doing. For joining this special task force, she was given a special sword. A +1 Falchion. She had always dreamed of having a special sword and set of armor like all those that she had seen growing up, and she finally had one of her own.

She traveled with the group, slaying orcs and goblins and other creatures that were terrorizing small villages, all the while looking out for the shadows that the wise man spoke of. She greatly enjoyed the fun and adventures that she had with her fellow military protection group. They eventually came across a town called Fruhling field. They were off hunting orcs in the area, when they were all the sudden ambushed. Daeth managed to kill 8 of them before she was knocked unconscious, but her companions didn’t fare as well. When she awoke she was in a cage, her sword being admired by many of the orcs. But seeing her companions being chopped up and put into a stew was enough to make her stomach turn. She was only in the cage for a few hours before the orcs took her out. Her, along with a few other captives were brought to a large pit and they were commanded to pull something up. Daeth refused several times, but after being beaten repeatedly by 3 of the slave masters, she finally complied, but didn’t put in her full effort. She didn’t want to help the orcs any more than she had to.

Suddenly a noise startled the orcs and a battle broke out. The orcs drank some vials and grew large and stormed into the woods after their attackers. Daeth ran with the other slaves away from the pit in order to let free more of the captured people. She killed a few of the guards and helped set many people free. Then she saw it. Her sword! Once she had this she was able to carve through the remainder of the guards and eventually headed back to the pit where the fight had started. When she got back to the pit, she heard the last orc fall. Then she she saw someone she hadn’t seen in years. It was her cousin Targ! He was giving a very handsome paladin a potion. She ran over to him and gave him a big hug. But unfortunately the happy moment soon was over, when Targ realized that Ares, her little brother that she had lost all those years ago was nowhere to be found. She was so excited to see him once again. To see what kind of person he had grown up to be. But when they finally found his body, it was too late. Ares was covered in cuts and stab wounds from the giant orcs. There was nothing that they could do.

They burned his lifeless corpse. With more anger than she had ever fealt in her life, she vowed to Targ and his friends that they would kill these orcs that had slain her little brother and her military companions. And that she would do whatever it took to help her cousin and his friends out, as long as they would help her out in her quest against the shadows. Slightly confused by what she was referring to when she mentioned the shadows, they all agreed nonetheless.

Daeth Shadowhunter

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