Weltraum Klippe

The pummeled monk

The party decided to keep investigating the area after speaking with Brombeerstrauch Feuer Wolf. Brombeerstrauch informed the still nameless party that south east of Frühling Feld there has been a large uptick in monster attacks. Including monsters that usually don’t work together. The forces seem to be composed of mostly orcs, goblins, and gremlins. There have also been reports of flying creatures, though the information on these have been varied. The city’s mayor successfully petitioned Harry Schmied the regional Knight of Ritter des Platzes Amboss. To grant funds, to hire mercenaries to handle the monster problem. A boon of 20,000 gp as been allotted.

The party set off, by following the trail leading away from the mostly ruined mill. While following the trail the party was attacked, ambushed and furthermore bushwhacked. They overcame these minor obstacles and made it to a fork in the road. The party followed the trail and eventually face off against a large war party of orcs and goblins. Narrowly escaping with their lives, Kaladin Stormblessed just wanted to go home. However Ares Swordhand and Rafael Osaka had a different idea. They carried on and the remaining forces left at the camp started running after them. Ares Swordhand decided to charge back in before meeting up with the party to get buffed. He fought valiantly but non the less was overwhelmed by the elite Orog. The party eventually slayed the camp leader and his minions.

The group decided to loot the bodies, and the camp with the pack animals JP was escorting behind the party. While looting the camp they discovered a lot of books and writings, though it all written in a language no one in the party understands.


Char Points for being on time / ready

  • Kaladin Stormblessed 2 — Total 9
  • Targaryen Doombringer 3 (Bonus point for managing loot) Total —10
  • Ares Swordhand 2 — Total 8
  • Jean Paul Van Damme 0 (did not attend) — Total 1
  • Rafael Osaka 2 — Total 9


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