Weltraum Klippe

The party goes evil

Or how the paladin lost his powers

While having good intentions murdering a bunch of innocent people defiantly evil and the paladin looses his powers the next day.

After that the party cleared a corrupting temple, that was enslaving the earth. Then fought some gross sticky zombies and totally kicked their asses. After that is was some goblin dogs and some spiders. The party was going to investigate some statutes in the spider room be decided they had enouph for one day.


Party level 4

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 23
Targaryen Doombringer – Total :23
Daeth Shadowhunter – Total 19
Jean Paul Van Damme – Total 8
Rafael Osaka — Total 21
Aladdin SpellSword – Total 6


bmgorski bmgorski

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