Weltraum Klippe

The party gets mobbed again

All praise the earth

The party got attacked in the morning / night? No one really knows cause they are in a cave far underground. Kaladin Stormblessed tried to use his paladin powers to save himself. But he found he had lost them, and as a result died. Some earth elementals’ showed up to show their gratitude gave the party some phat loot. Then peaced out. The magus almost got one shot by a triple 20 to the face. Luckily Rafael Osaka was their to save the day. After this grueling battle that party decided to take a rest and try to get out this shit whole the very next day.

The very next day… The party is woken up in the early morning? by a huge crash that sounds like it came from the entrance tunnel.


Party level 5

Everyone starts with 35 point by and flex stats (+2 to any 2) regardless of race (overrides does not stack with rave original)

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 12
Targaryen Doombringer – Total :12
Daeth Shadowhunter – Total 5
Jean Paul Van Damme – Total 0
Rafael Osaka – Total 12
Aladdin SpellSword – Total 0


bmgorski bmgorski

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