Weltraum Klippe

The party get mobbed...

by so many dudes

The good

Curse Less valiantly charged into its first underground adventure. And literally ran into some oozes, and dispatched with only a few people getting swallowed whole and knocked unconscious. The party the heard some goblins coming into their area and tried to ambush them, only to be spotted a head of time. The party charged into the room, only to find way more hobgoblins than they were expecting. Targaryen Doombringer turned the battle by a well placed obscuring mist. As the fight drew on, reinforcements from an adjoining room entered the fray. The party quickly retreated back the way they came, to try and bottleneck the hobgoblins. This was fairly successful, lured into a false sense of security after downing Daeth Shadowhunter, the hobgoblins ran into the room to try and outnumber the party. Eventually through some epic luck, or maybe normal luck. The eventually killed all the combatants.

The party saves an elf and gnome from being eaten though they remain unconscious.

The bad

After Daeth Shadowhunter, dragged down the rope back to the surface. The refugees took this as a sign to cover the whole to the surface with some mega heavy rocks… Breaking through might take a few days.

The aftermath (Don’t read this unless you have IRL CON of 14 or higher)

While many of the hobgoblin women fought with their male counterparts. Upon entering the living areas the party finds 2 hobgoblin’s with child. 4 non militarily trained women of ages 16 – 22. 8 Young adults from ages 6 – 15. And 4 5 children under the age of 5. Upon entering the village Kaladin Stormblessed walks towards the the fire pit in the corner of town with a shocked look on his face. As he walks towards the fire 3 of the hobgoblin women charge him, and Kaladin kills them with out looking away from what he sees.

Near the fire there is an elf woman, stripped naked. With bruising and scares to make it look like her torment had been going on for a long time. There is also a half orc male, gutted and obviously being used as a meet source. Hanging by his hair, a male gnome with similar cuts and bruises to the elf is also there. There are many other body parts lying around the camp. Kaladin runs up to check on the elf and gnome. Finding both alive he feeds them both a potion of cure light wounds, that stabilizes the but they remain unconscious. Kaladin, get them set up in a stretcher with the help of the party so they can be moved at a later date. He then preforms a minor ritual and burns all the other body parts and remains.

Kaladin had the fighter tie up all the remaining hobgoblins. Without even asking he slays the oldest young adults and the remaining hobgoblin woman. There remains 2 hobgoblin women with child, 3 6-10 year old’s, and 4 children under 5. Kaladin is unsure what to do with the remaining hobgoblins and is pacing back and forth behind the older children.


Party level 4

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 20
Targaryen Doombringer 2 + 1 loot + 1 Tactics :20
Daeth Shadowhunter 1 + 5 for back-story + 1 roll play : Total 16
Jean Paul Van Damme 0 : Total 5
Rafael Osaka 2 + 2 (roll play for this session and previous ones ninja cures lolz) : Total 18
Aladdin SpellSword 0 : Total 3


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