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The curse of the Jinkin

Or how the party overcame the damage resistance

Targaryen Doombringer, Ares Swordhand, Jean Paul Van Damme, Rafael Osaka, and Kaladin Stormblessed an where all lead to the Temple of Sarenrae in Frühling Feld for different reasons in addition to their primary goal of making the gold shine. They all approached a kindly look man pacing the steps of his church, he introduced himself as Wolfhard Katzmann.

Kaladin Stormblessed’s reason:

A band of goblin were chasing me through a field and out of the sky a dragon descended who quickly slew and ate all the goblins. I bowed and asked if there was anything I could do to repay him. His reply was worship Bahamut! Slay the forces of evil.

Targaryen Doombringer’s reason:

In his hunt for vengeance against those who were responsible for his grandfather Vergoldet’s death, he heard of news that there was a possibility of one of the people on his list of being in Frühling Feld. This person was one of the knights who had been in the throne room and put his sword into his grandfather’s corpse. Upon reaching Frühling Feld, he realized that he was pretty much broke and would need some gold in order to further fund his endevors. The talk around town was that Wolfhard Katzmann was the person to see.

Ares Swordhand’s reason:

Jean Paul Van Damme’s reason:

Rafael Osaka’s reason:

With no reason to stay with his family, Rafael has taken to wandering the world.

Wolfhard let they yet to be formed party that, evil had started plaguing the town curing so far 4 individuals each with their own affliction. He described in detail a cure that reduced strength, constitution and dexterity. He also stated that his very church had been ransacked and it was not longer safe so he had to shut down the church for the time being. Seeing the 5 adventures before him he knew that despite their differences if they worked together they would be able to lift the cure and find the cause of the curse.

The still nameless party entered the church only finding 3 gremlins really messing up the place, metal candlesticks fused to the floor. Luckily while trying to destroy items in the church the Nuglub gremlins had already used their spell like abilities. The party was still getting used to working together almost going out of their way to ensure Rafael could not get a flanking bonus for his sneak attack. After some great fumbles and mishaps Targaryen wised up and yelled for the Wolfhard help. Wolfhard even though not dressed for combat dressed only in simple robes ran into the church to aid the party. Luckily being of the healing domain he had plenty of cure light wounds to go around. Eventually overcoming the Nuglubs’ damage resistance the party was able to slay the powerful foes.

After the battle with their daily resources pretty much spent, Wolfhard offered the party a place to sleep for the night which the party gratefully accepted. Wolfhard spent much of the evening cooking a good meal for the party in addition to tending to their wounds. He also gave the party 500 gold for killing the gremlins attacking the church. Through Wolfhard hard work the party was able to wake up the next day fully healed and ready for battle.

Battle came, at the abandoned windmill on the outskirts of town. The party charged the door alerting the gremlins inside of their advance. As Ares busted in the door and attacked the closest enemy the Dexgit gremlins took their readied actions and attacked him first. Landing a solid blow. The party proceeded to dispatch the three Dexgits and single Nuglub gremlin. Though once again due to some party communication issues and some bad rolling about 1/2 the party was in the negatives at one point or another. Luckily Jean is a bad ass healer and stabilized the party they limped back to town where Wolfhard once again tended to their wounds. After scouting the area the party found a well travailed path leading into the wilderness from the mill.

The next day the party set out and purchased some scrolls of cure curse to cash in on curing the cured towns folk. While poking fun of individuals and generally making an ass out of themselves, and slightly freeing at the sight of women (even the ugly nurse) they did manage to cure all four victims earn a few extra gold and spread some fame around town. Seeing the party was nameless still the individuals are now local heroes. After curing the cursed; Targaryen and Ares noticed a pattern in the locations they had been. It was creating a ring round the city and the party guessed very accurately the next location the victims would be.

The party broke into the house during the middle of the day and decided to hid in the attic near the location they new the curse would be stashed. Ares hid in the ceiling a choice he would later regret. The Jinkin gremlins dimension door through the roof this lead to a situation where everyone was surprised. The gremlins showing up underneath Ares noticed him immediately and started attacking him. Through the use of some well placed burning hands and some great sneak attacks the party easily fell these foes. Thus solving the case of the cursing gremlins.

The party looted the bodies and turned them in for their 2000 gold reward. Gaining some additional fame. The the Sarenrae church threw one heavenly of a party. That lasted all night, and there was much rejoicing.

The party took a week to gather new weapons and other gear before……


Jean Paul Van Damme - character sheet was terrible only had 14 stat points spent, all of his attacks where wrong and don’t even get me started on skills. Anyways that’s all fixed up and should be much more playable this week. (Your welcome)

All the members of the party are now recognized in town generally. This helped greatly getting weapons, armor, wand, ect. located and procured even though it still took a while.

Char Points for being on time / ready

Char Points for back story


If you want back story points for the game this week Saturday 9pm is the cut off. Also please include as the first item in your back story why you are adventuring.

The curse of the Jinkin
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