Weltraum Klippe

Janet Swordhand

Death of a Monk and a Rescue of a Prisoner (Part B)

At the conclusion of the battle some of the less injured, fresh captives came to aid the party. One of them upon seeing seeing Ares Swordhand body burst into a combination of tears and anger swearing an oath of vengeance against the masterminds behind this organization. She then introduced herself as Janet Swordhand but most people call me Daeth Shadowhunter. She ripped off the nearest set of full plate got geared up and ready to start avenging.

Daeth Shadowhunter, Ares Swordhand, and Kaladin Stormblessed set off to secure the premises and round up the fleeing captives.

Curse Less fought three main battles. First a minor scrape against an undead construct and some worms that were packing some serious DR. The construct nauseated the party with it’s putrid smell. But even after Janet was knocked down the party won.

Janet was taking some practice shots into the woods and skillfully? shot an orc that was sneaking up on the party instead of the tree she was aiming for. Many blows were exchanged orcs killed some with some weird mutations.

The party then walked into some sort of summoning circle buffed up and went to take them out. The hacked many undead and a single large size bugbear to death. They are thinking there must be a powerful necromancer around to control all these undead.


Party level 3

Kaladin Stormblessed – Total 16
Targaryen Doombringer 3 :16
Daeth Shadowhunter 3 : Total 9
Jean Paul Van Damme 3 : Total 5
Rafael Osaka 3 : Total 14
Aladdin SpellSword 3 : Total 3


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