Weltraum Klippe

Death of a Monk and a Rescue of a Prisoner

Curse Less got healed up and re-outfitted in Frühling Feld. While trying to investigate the documents they found a like minded adventure Content Not Found: aladdin. Who happened to know both Goblin and Orc a great boon to the party. He translated the messages into common but they were all gibberish. The only phrase that even remotely sounded like a sentence was the trees are blue in the east. Though he figured it was just a coincidence.

Curse Less set out again to find the root cause of the increased monster traffic in the areas around town. As the party set down the path, they ran into Floyd & Loide along with 235 other people fleeing the orc work camps. Curse Less disarmed the group for their own safety? And sold the weapons it town for a nice profit. Kaladin Stormblessed did not agree with this action, and donated his share to the refugees to help get them restarted. Curse Less asked Wolfhard Katzmann to proctor the safety and well being of the the refugees.

Knowledge Local DC 10 (The party would probably not know all of this)
Cities of this size always have plans for situations like this. As it happens once or twice a year. People often get captured while trying to make a living, and while nearly everyone is armed everyone has a mandatory two years of military service, there is only so much you can do against a races who are stronger than you in many ways. Every town has a crisis team on standby that can handle around 10% of its population in refugees, more than that will still be accommodated but they will often be escorted to larger population centers. Many religious organizations come in long term to help the people integrate back into “normal” lives. They are aided by low level folk magic that aid with processing the torcher, rape, and loss they faced while being captives. There are often many children of a variety of sub races, along with these captives. These children are cared for and raised by the churches that help in these situations. They often become aid workers themselves, so much of these churches are primarily for 1/2 breads and no human humanoids.

After this encounter the party set back off down the trail where they encountered a large fresh cut clearing. It appeared as the orcs were setting up a base camp. Upon getting closer the clearing Rafael Osaka, saw a huge size roach swarm. He snuck back to the party and took Targaryen Doombringer to get the jump on the roaches. Targ had other plans and face planted while sneaking up on the roaches. They quickly crawled all over the party dealing some pretty legit damage. The party with some well placed burning hands, quickly dispatched the roach swarm and their overgrown brethren. Upon getting further into the clearing the party noticed another group of roaches with large fungal growths on their foreheads. The lept upon the party racking them with much damage but the party quickly dispatched their enemies.

Already fairly beaten and worn out by the days happening the party entered a clearing to make camp. They were attached by some mother trucking twigs. That shot many needles at them dealing much damage. The twigs started their attack by entangling the party. They successfully took down Aladin and Rafael but by that time they had taken so much damage the paladin and mage took em down.

The very next day the party who amazingly did not fight a random encounter over the night “charged” and by charge I mean attempted to sneak and Aladin fell over a twig while sneaking with Rafael. Through some clever tactics, good use of difficult terrain, and death of monk the party was able to escape certain death.


Party level: 2

Char Points for being on time / ready

  • Kaladin Stormblessed 2 : Total 11
  • Targaryen Doombringer 3 (Bonus point for managing loot) Total :13
  • Ares Swordhand 2 : Total 8 Dead
  • Daeth Shadowhunter: 0 + 2(IRL birthday) + 4 for past attendance Total : 6
  • Jean Paul Van Damme 0 (did not attend) : Total 1
  • Rafael Osaka 2 : Total 11
  • Aladdin SpellSword : 0

Updating my ruling on attacks of opportunity see: Attacks of Opportunity


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